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Timesharing Parenting Plan

Custody Orlando & Central Florida Timesharing Lawyers

Timesharing, a term that has for the most part replaced the terms "custody" and "visitation" in Florida, is a parenting plan designed to be beneficial for both parents and children. Our state is one that encourages parents to share a more equal amount of time with their children, rather than one parent having "full custody" while the other sees his or her children only occasionally and for brief periods. Unlike decades ago, today it is not a "given" that a mother will retain primary or full custody of a child or children. Fathers have equal rights, and courts put the interests of the children first and foremost. At Adams & Luka, our timesharing attorneys are dedicated to helping families develop a parenting plan that is beneficial and agreeable for everyone involved.

Parenting Plan Lawyers in Orange County Working Toward Harmonious Solutions for Families

Many parents can agree on a parenting plan on their own, without a judge of the Court determining which parent the children will spend time with and when. However, divorces are often times acrimonious; spouses or unmarried parents do not always agree on such issues as timesharing of the children, and other matters. It is extremely important to have an experienced attorney on your side who will work to help ensure a reasonable and fair resolution.

Florida Statute 61.13 states that when creating or modifying a parenting plan for a child or children, there is no presumption for or against the father or mother or any specific time-sharing schedule. Florida's public policy is that children have contact with both parents on a continuing and frequent basis, and that parents both share in the joys, rights, and responsibilities involved in raising their children. However, child priorities come first, therefore there are certain factors the court will review when determining a timesharing or parenting plan. These factors include:

  • How long the children or child has lived in an environment that is stable and satisfactory
  • How willing each parent is to honor the parental time-sharing schedule and to work toward a close and continuing relationship with his or her children, and to agree to changes when required
  • Whether the parent is capable and willing to consider and determine the needs of the child/children, and act upon those needs rather than the parent's own desires or needs
  • How parents intend to divide responsibilities regarding the children following litigation, which includes to what extent third parties will be involved in the care of the children
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