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As seasoned divorce lawyers in the central Florida area, we know the topic of alimony can be one of contention. Also referred to as "maintenance" or "spousal support," alimony is not support that is given only to women, but men as well depending on the circumstances. At Adams & Luka, we understand that when two people divorce, one or the other may face a difficult future financially. In fact, without financial support lives of your entire family can be dramatically impacted. Whether you may be eligible for temporary or permanent alimony depends on a number of factors, and the circumstances of your marriage.

In the state of Florida, there are various types of alimony including:

  • Spousal Alimony
  • Durational Alimony
  • Lump Sum Alimony
  • Permanent Alimony

We have successfully represented clients regarding all of the types of alimony, and know what it takes to reach the results you desire. Courts consider a number of factors to determine whether a spouse may be entitled to alimony or spousal support including the financial resources of each spouse, duration of the marriage, the earning capacity/skills of each spouse, how each party contributed to the family in terms of career building, child rearing, and other aspects of the marriage, age of both spouses and their physical/emotional conditions, and more. As you can imagine, the process of securing alimony is one that can be very complex and complicated. This is why it is vital to work with a skilled and capable Orlando alimony attorney who is familiar and thoroughly knowledgeable in this area of family law.

Aggressive Representation in Alimony Matters on Behalf of Central Florida Clients

At Adams & Luka, we understand that when couples divorce, one party may not have the skills or experience to enter a financially stable career. Transitioning from married life to single life can be extremely difficult, not only emotionally but financially as well. You may need help so that you can attend job training courses or further your education in order to secure employment. Or, you may be the one who is being requested to pay alimony, and feel that your ex-spouse is not entitled to spousal support. Whatever the situation may be, we can help.

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Issues regarding alimony are rarely approached in a friendly manner; in fact, issues regarding spousal support are typically some of the most bitterly contested when a couple decides to divorce. If you are a spouse seeking alimony, or are being asked to pay alimony or support to your spouse, we will carefully review your case and work with you to reach your desired outcome. We understand how difficult divorce and all of the issues regarding your family can be. Call us today for a free consultation at 407-872-0303 or 352-357-4084.

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