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Child Custody

Child Custody Orlando & Central Florida Child Custody Lawyer

At Adams & Luka, our family law attorneys understand that when it comes to divorce, child custody is the most highly debated and contested issue. You may be a spouse involved in divorce, or perhaps you are already divorced or biological parents of a child or children who were never married. Regardless of which situation you are in, the issue of child custody is often one of much contention. Even if you were not married to your child's other parent, the same laws apply in Florida in regards to the custody of children and visitation rights.

As trusted and capable child custody lawyers, our focus is on reaching the outcome our client desires, always working to protect the psychological and emotional health of the child/children when possible. Children can be traumatized when parents go separate ways, and constant arguing only increases stress and worsens the situation. As family law attorneys who focus on various areas of marital and family relationships, we have successfully helped many families in resolving child custody issues to the satisfaction of all involved.

Orlando Child Custody and Divorce Issues

Divorce is stressful and painful for adults, however the potential negative impact on children cannot be stressed enough. When two spouses or two parents do not agree on child custody issues, our goal is to help streamline the process and help you avoid harsh disagreements or emotional outbursts to the greatest extent possible, working toward an arrangement or agreement that is beneficial to parents and children.

As trusted child custody lawyers, we understand that there are situations in which one spouse or parent having custody of the children could actually be detrimental or put the children at a disadvantage in some way. We are totally committed to accomplishing your goals and will work diligently to secure a child custody plan that is most beneficial to your family, and most importantly, your children.

Factors That Affect Child Custody in Orlando and Throughout Florida

It is important to know that Florida courts always, without exception, focus on the best interests of the child or children involved when determining issues such as visitation and custody. All of the factors under the Florida statute and the facts of each individual's case will be reviewed by the judge to determine child custody matters. When choosing a child custody lawyer, it is critical you choose an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with these factors and who is capable of using them to shape an effective argument for court:

  • The ability of each parent to put the children's needs before their own
  • In certain cases, the child's preference may be taken into consideration when he/she is exceptionally intelligent or mature
  • How well a child functions in terms of school, behavior at home, and in the community
  • Each parent's moral attitude, and physical/mental health
  • The ability of one parent to properly maintain the relationship between the child/children and the other parent
  • How well each parent follows a parenting schedule or guideline and his or her willingness to adapt to necessary changes
  • The length of time a child has lived with one parent, and the stability of that relationship
  • The capability of each parent in terms of developing a solid daily routine when it comes to homework, meal time, bathing, bedtime, etc.

You might assume that in the majority of cases, the mother gets custody of the children, and the father visitation rights. While this was once the case, today the courts work to achieve a more even balance when possible. Child custody, or "timesharing" as it is referred to in Florida today, puts parents on more equal footing. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to providing the guidance you need through what can be a confusing and stressful process, so that the best result is ultimately reached for everyone in the family.

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