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Whether you are a grandparent or stepparent interested in adoption, or a parent seeking to terminate your parental rights, we understand your need for legal guidance and support. In the state of Florida, courts always put the best interest of the child/children first. Adams & Luka, is committed to helping those who desire to adopt a child and placing that child in caring, capable hands. Therefore, the fact that you want to adopt your grandchild or your spouse's child/children does not mean it will be easy.

Often times grandparents want to adopt their grandchildren in order to have a legal say in their upbringing. Today, many grandchildren live with their grandparents; in fact, this has become almost the "norm" today, considering the rising number of teenage parents and young adults who simply choose to put their children in the care of their own parents. However, even though you may be providing food, shelter, and other needs to your grandchildren, it does not mean you have any legal rights.

Adoption and Stepparents in Florida

Obtaining the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Orlando & Central Florida adoption attorney in situations regarding stepparent adoption is critical. In the state of Florida, stepparents have absolutely no legal rights whatsoever. If the child's other biological parent (depending on whether you are married to the child's mother or father) is in the picture, you must obtain permission to adopt the child (termination of parental rights), which takes away all of that parent's legal rights. If the mother or father is not in the picture, your spouse will have to petition for the adoption through the court; if the absent parent does not respond, you will then be able to adopt the child/children.

Termination of parental rights occurs when a parent or parents voluntarily give over a child, or in other circumstances where a child/children may be abandoned, or the parent/parents unsuitable to provide proper care for children because of drug/alcohol abuse, physical or emotional abuse of the children, etc. In circumstances where parental rights have been terminated by the parent(s) or by the court, adoption by other relatives including grandparents may be possible. Understandably, adoption is a very delicate and involved process.

Other Relatives Who Desire to Adopt

There are situations in which a sister, brother, or even an aunt or uncle may wish to adopt a relative's child or children. This is generally in cases involving abandonment, neglect or abuse of the children, or even the death of a parent or both biological parents. Where children are concerned it is necessary for someone to have the legal authority to make decisions and be responsible for the child/children as young children need guidance and protection, stability. Depending on your situation, it may be that you prefer adoption over the guardianship options available in the state. We can help you understand if adoption may be possible in your particular case, and the process involved.

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As trusted Orlando & Central Florida adoption lawyers with a strong focus on family law, we realize that issues related to domestic relations are frequently complicated and difficult to understand. Through the adoption process, an adult takes legal guardianship of a minor child who is not his or her own in a biological sense. If you are a grandparent, stepparent, or other relative interested in adopting, or a mother who wishes to give up her child for adoption, contact Adams & Luka now at 407-872-0303 or 352-357-4084.