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Agreements Orlando and Central Florida Family Law Attorneys

Whether you are planning to marry and considering a pre-marital agreement, are already married and want to learn more about post nuptial agreements, or are having issues with agreements that have been breached or enforcement of a settlement, the attorneys at Adams & Luka can help. We understand that when it comes to relationships, there are all types of agreements in the state of Florida. No one ever expects to divorce when they marry, but it happens. You may want to protect yourself and your assets through a pre-marital or post nuptial agreement. Whatever the issue, our Orlando agreements attorneys have the experience, skill, and committed approach to resolve the issue.

Some Types of Agreements we Specialize in Include, but are not Limited to:
  • Marital Agreements
  • Breached Agreements
  • Enforcement of Settlement
  • Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Pre Marital Agreements

In the state of Florida, marital agreements are legally binding written contracts which may address issues such as spousal support, child support or custody, visitation, property, asset, or debt division, and other issues that often arise in the event a couple divorces. Breached settlements often involve refusal to pay spousal or child support, a debt that was acquired during the marriage, interfering with visitation, or other issues that were settled and agreed to by all parties, but have since been breached.

In some cases, it becomes necessary for a settlement to be enforced. In other words, both spouses may have agreed to a marital settlement, however one spouse is not in compliance. Whether one parent is not paying the agreed to child support or a post-nuptial/pre-marital agreement is not being complied with, it may become necessary for an agreement or "contract" signed off by both parties to be enforced. There are a variety of ways this is accomplished, depending on the circumstances.

Issues with Agreements in Central Florida

With pre-marital and post-nuptial agreements, there are often advantages and limitations. In certain situations, pre-marital agreements are not enforceable. There are also frequently issues with other marital settlement agreements, such as an ex-spouse failing to make child support or alimony payments, or pay the mortgage if he/she has been ordered to do so. It may be necessary to return to court when a spouse breaches a settlement agreement. When two individuals come to an agreement regarding the issues unique to your particular situation and one party or the other fails to follow the terms, it may be necessary to have the agreement enforced which typically requires the filing of a formal request or motion with the court in order to have the agreement enforced.

Whether the agreement pertains to child support, one of the six types of alimony in Florida, division of property or assets, or is a pre-marital or post-nuptial agreement, things do not always go as smoothly as planned. One spouse or another may not play by the rules, which is why it is vital to obtain the support and guidance of a dedicated Orlando family law attorney who will work to ensure you are treated fairly.

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