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The decision to divorce is one that can be stressful for all involved. Many spouses find they are not only stressed, but depressed or overwhelmed knowing life as they know it is about to change dramatically. It is important to remember that divorce not only involves the ending of a marriage, but other issues as well including the division of marital property, splitting of assets and debts, child custody if children are involved, even pensions, retirement accounts, and other property or assets. Regardless of how simple or complicated it may seem, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced Tavares divorce attorney who will put every effort into making the process as fair and seamless as possible. At Adams & Luka, we understand all of the issues that may arise, and know that couples often cannot reach an agreement on every matter. We are here to help ensure your rights are protected, and to reach the results you desire when possible.

What Proof is Necessary to Obtain a Divorce in Florida?

Because Florida is a no-fault divorce state, there is no need to prove one spouse or the other did anything wrong - it can be alleged by the spouse seeking the divorce that the marriage is "irretrievably broken." In other words, if you and your spouse have become incompatible or have drifted apart, you can obtain a divorce. Both spouses do not have to agree that the marriage is broken, however the judge will use facts to determine that there is basically no hope for the marriage. These facts may include that as spouses, there has been an extended separation period, that one spouse suffered physical or mental abuse, or simply that there is no longer love between two spouses who have become incompatible. While this may sound simple and easy, there are still other issues to be addressed concerning matters such as shared children, property, assets, debts, alimony, and more.

One spouse may not agree on child custody or visitation terms; perhaps the spouse who earns the majority of the family income does not believe he/she should pay spousal support. There are many matters that can turn divorces into a contentious, ugly affair. By hiring a Tavares divorce lawyer, you will be provided with the legal guidance and support necessary to resolving these issues, and protecting your rights.

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The fact is, in many cases divorcing is a much more complex process than many people believe. While many couples can come to an agreement on all of the issues through mediation, some cannot. This may result in going to trial to settle the issues. Regardless of whether your divorce will be uncontested or contested, consulting with a highly qualified divorce attorney is always recommended as there may be issues that unexpectedly arise during the process. For exceptional legal guidance and support, contact Adams & Luka now at 352-357-4084.

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