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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Orlando & Central Florida Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Couples who desire to divorce in a way that is friendlier may want to consider collaborative divorce, designed specifically for couples who would rather come to an equitable resolution regarding issues such as alimony, division of property, assets, and liabilities, child support, custody, and other matters. In Florida, a collaborative divorce is a relatively new method for couples who are divorcing. As trusted collaborative divorce attorneys our goal at Adams & Luka is to guide you through the divorce process in a way that has the least negative impact on your family in terms of emotions, relationships, even financial matters. Our family law attorneys can help you understand how collaborative divorce works, and whether it may be the right approach for you.

Why Consider a Collaborative Divorce?

Most couples would rather not "fight it out" in court, however both parties involved want to be treated fairly. The collaborative divorce process often provides the best outcome for both spouses, who have their own legal representation to ensure each person's needs and concerns are addressed. Collaborative divorces also frequently make it possible to get the process over with quickly, so that you can get past the emotional distress and hurt, and move forward with your life.

There are several "models" of collaborative divorce, however they all differ from a divorce involving litigation due to core elements which are set forth in a contract that is agreed upon by all involved, including spouses, attorneys, and specialists or coaches who deal with child issues, financial issues, and more. Ultimately, this type of divorce procedure allows for:

  • Spouses and collaborative professionals to engage in information sharing and open communication
  • Parties involved to come to a settlement that is mutually acceptable rather than allowing the court to decide on issues
  • The most important priorities of both clients are taken into account and resolved through creative shared solutions

Essentially, collaborative divorce is not for every situation, but is a good option for those seeking a process that is gentler, kinder, and fair to both parties. Our Orlando family law attorneys urge you to contact us today to learn more about collaborative divorce if you and your spouse are looking to end your marriage in an amicable fashion and do not want the Courts deciding on issues such as child custody, division of debts and property/assets, etc.

Orlando Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Providing the Personal Attention You Deserve

Collaborative divorce makes it possible in most cases to resolve disputes in a respectful manner, while helping couples avoid the stress and emotional trauma of going to court. While both spouses have the guidance and support of their own attorneys, the "team" works together to resolve the issues without an over-abundance of input from attorneys, judges, or others in the court system. Should one spouse decide to take the matter to court, the team of trained specialists, coaches, and others will withdraw and the divorce will proceed forth in a more traditional manner.

Contact the Orlando & Central Florida collaborative divorce attorneys at Adams & Luka today. We are on your side and available to provide you support and guidance every step of the way. Call us today at 407-872-0303 or 352-357-4084.