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Divorce is a difficult process, whether you are the spouse who filed for the divorce, or the spouse on the receiving end of divorce papers. How will you move forward financially, who will get custody of the children, and will assets be divided equally? Who will be responsible for debts incurred during the marriage? At Adams & Luka, we know there are many questions that need answers, and that you are going through one of the most difficult times in your life. Ending what you initially believed was a solid, loving relationship that would last for eternity can be traumatic and overwhelming. When in need of a Lake County divorce attorney who will fight on your behalf, protect your legal rights, and look out for your best interests, you can count on our firm for unparalleled legal representation.

When one spouse or another decides there are no alternatives other than to get a divorce, it can be life shattering. There are so many aspects of your life that are intertwined with marriage - children, perhaps a family business, the house, property, investments, real estate, the list goes on and on. Yours may be a simple matter, or one that is highly complex. Often the obstacles encountered in a divorce depend on how long a couple has been married, the debts/assets involved, whether there are shared biological children, and whether wealth on the part of one spouse or another resulted in a pre- or post-nuptial agreement. Regardless of the circumstances in your particular situation, we can help.

We have worked with clients in various types of divorce matters including:

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The divorce process can be very simple or extremely complex; every situation is different. What if you are behind on the mortgage payments or underwater? Perhaps you are concerned that your soon-to-be ex will relocate with the children. No one expects the marriage to come to an end when they get married, but divorce is extremely common. Regardless of the facts of your case, we will fight on your behalf and make certain your concerns are heard.

Many issues can be settled through mediation so that both parties agree on child custody, support, spousal support, division of property, and other matters. In other cases it requires going to court so that the judge can decide issues two spouses cannot agree upon. Our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly, and the process made as easy and stress-free as possible.

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When it seems there is no satisfactory solution to many of the issues, we can help. We understand divorce is stressful, and can affect not only your emotions but your health, your job, even your children. A divorce can seem to drag on forever; sometimes you think it would be simpler just to give up. Your rights must be protected, and we are ready to fight on your behalf. We invite you to call the Lake County divorce lawyers at Adams & Luka today for a free consultation at 352-357-4084.

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