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You may be a spouse who has been served with divorce papers, or you may be considering the dissolution of your marriage. Regardless of how a couple arrives at this point, divorce can leave you stressed out, uncertain of what the future holds, and even angry or grief-stricken. Those who face the prospect of a divorce often experience a wide range of emotions, and have many questions. How might your children be affected, and will you be financially stable? How will marital property be divided? There are countless issues to address. In order to make the process less confusing and alleviate at least some of the stress and uncertainty, it is vital to have a skilled Winter Garden divorce lawyer to represent you. For compassionate legal guidance and support, we urge you to contact Adams & Luka now.

Florida Divorce - Potential Issues, Cost, & More

While Florida is a no-fault divorce state which means neither spouse has to be found at fault to get a divorce, there are still many components of a marriage that may cause the process to become more complicated or involved than you think. If you and your spouse have children, some of the issues that may cause disagreement include child custody, visitation, child support, etc. Perhaps one spouse agrees on the division of marital property, assets, and debts while the other does not. Investments, spousal support, a family business, prenuptial agreements - all of these matters must be resolved, whether two spouses can come to an agreement themselves, or must have a judge make some of the decisions. In some cases, mediation with a neutral third party is effective.

Divorce can be amicable, or it can be a messy, complex process rife with disagreements. How simple or complicated a divorce is often affects the cost, as those involving spouses who can communicate and resolve their own issues typically require less guidance and intervention on behalf of the lawyers, judge, mediators, etc. than those who are angry and disagree on every front. Some divorces are highly contentious, while others are fairly straightforward and uncomplicated.

Why do you need a Winter Garden divorce attorney? An experienced lawyer will provide legal guidance, answer all of your questions, and help you understand what can and cannot be done. Additionally, your attorney will protect your rights and advocate on your behalf, making sure your desires are known and you do not get taken advantage of. Most people who divorce are not aware of all of the dozens of issues that can arise, and the legal wrangling required to resolve all of these matters. It is important to have a skilled, experienced, and dedicated divorce lawyer who will look out for your best interests.

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Essentially, when it comes to divorce you should be thoroughly familiar with your options so that you can make informed decisions regarding your life and your future. Adams & Luka can help ensure the process is resolved as quickly as possible, while your rights and interests are protected. Call our firm for a free consultation now at 407-872-0303.