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Sanford Child Custody Attorney Serving Seminole County

Parents in Sanford involved in a child custody case often face difficult decisions and stressful circumstances every day. Child custody cases are often the most contentious due to the significance of the issues being decided. For most parents, there is nothing more important to them than the time they get to spend with their children and making sure their children have the childhood they deserve. When parents are not on the same page, everyone tends to suffer. Our Sanford child custody attorneys at My Florida Family Attorney, Adams & Luka, P.A., are here to help you navigate these trying times and to make the process of establishing custody as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What Should I Expect in a Case Involving Custody Issues in Sanford?

In Sanford, custody issues will be decided in the same way whether the case involves parents going through a divorce or parents who were never married. Some of the most common questions Sanford parents have include what their rights are, what the other parent’s rights are, how likely it will be that they will get the custody arrangement they want, how much impact their child’s wishes have, and if they can prevent a parent who is unable to care for a child or abusive from getting custody. All custody cases will begin with the presumption that it is best for children to maintain a relationship with both parents. The court will try to ensure that both parents are equally responsible for and share in the joys of raising the children. This presumption can be rebutted, however. If a parent engages in behavior that is harmful towards the child or demonstrates that they are unable to care for a child, the court may give full custody and parental responsibility to the other parent.

Traditionally, mothers were given preference or more favorable treatment by courts in custody cases. Today, family law statutes have been changed to prevent either parent from receiving preferential treatment based on gender. Both mothers, fathers, and parents who are the same sex will be subject to the same factors and considerations when determining custody arrangements. Parents should not expect to get preferential treatment nor should they assume they will not be successful in court based on their gender alone.

While it may seem like being cordial and cooperative with the other parent is not necessary or not considered by the court, this is far from the truth. In Sanford, the court will consider the parents’ treatment of one another, particularly their ability to cooperate as co-parents, be flexible and practical with making arrangements and sharing responsibilities, and their ability to avoid any tension between them from impacting the children negatively.

At My Florida Family Attorney, Adams & Luka, P.A., our child custody attorneys have extensive experience navigating these complex and personal issues parents face. Our attorneys can help you avoid taking action that could later hurt your case in court or have a negative impact on your child’s future, as well as help you develop a plan to put into action if co-parenting has yet to be successful.

What Factors Will the Court Consider in Awarding Custody in Sanford?

The best interest of the child will be the standard the court uses when deciding child custody issues in Sanford. Florida statutes list several factors for the court to use when determining what the best interest of the child is. These factors include:

  • The mental health and physical health conditions of the parents and the impact those conditions have on their ability to care for the child
  • The child’s age, developmental level, and individual or special needs
  • The parent’s moral fitness to raise a child
  • Any abusive, violent, or neglectful behavior of the parent
  • Any substance abuse issues of the parent
  • Whether the parent discusses the ongoing custody case with the child, inappropriately questions the child about the other parent, or speaks negatively about the other parent in front of the child,
  • the parent’s ability to comply with a court-ordered parenting plan and cooperate with the other parent
  • The parent’s ability to consider the child’s needs before their own desires
  • The geographic viability of the time-sharing schedule, including travel time the children will have to endure
  • The ability of the parent to be involved with the child’s school, education, extracurricular activities, and socialization
  • Any other factor the court considers relevant to the custody determination
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Our child custody attorneys at My Florida Family Attorney, Adams & Luka, P.A., are ready to get started on your case today. Given that the court will consider each parent’s actions in the past and while the court case is pending, involving a dedicated and skilled attorney from the very beginning can help you avoid issues that will hurt your case in the future when you are in front of the judge. Our compassionate attorneys will listen to your concerns and desires for your children and develop a plan that will help you see the best results possible. Our attorneys have strong negotiation skills to help resolve your case quickly and efficiently with minimal conflict between you and the other parent whenever possible, but will never hesitate to fight for you in court when settlements are not in your best interest. Contact us 24/7 for your free consultation at 407-872-0303 or 352-357-4084.