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There are many emotions a person may encounter when going through divorce - grief, fear, depression, devastation, and even a feeling of being set free in some cases. However, many spouses have an understandable fear of what the future may hold in terms of finances, spousal support, who will get custody of any children, and more. Whether you are the spouse who is filing, or the spouse who has received divorce papers, it is in your best interest to work with a qualified and experienced Leesburg divorce lawyer. At Adams & Luka, we provide compassionate legal support and guidance, helping ensure your rights are protected and your voice heard every step of the way.

For many, the end of a marriage is the end of a large portion of their life; the thought of a new beginning can be liberating, or more frightening than anything you have ever experienced. There are many issues involved when a couple divorces, such as the division of assets and debts, marital property, issues involving the children, whether you have a family business, investments, spousal support, and much more. A non-custodial parent may wonder how much time he/she will get to spend with the children, and how much child support will be paid. For a spouse who did not work during the marriage, facing the prospect of finding employment or wondering where the money will come from to further your education may be daunting questions.

Our top priority is to provide answers to your questions, and ensure you are treated fairly. At the most difficult time in your life, you need a divorce attorney who will give you practical, straightforward advice.

Divorce in Florida

Basically, a divorce will be contested or uncontested. In many cases, spouses can agree on issues such as child custody, division of marital property, child support, and other matters. When this is the case, the process typically flows smoothly. However, in a contested divorce it may seem that spouses cannot agree on any of the issues, or that one spouse in particular wants to make everything as difficult as possible. Some divorces are highly contentious. While it is often possible to settle differences through mediation and avoid litigation, there are times when settling all of the issues requires going to trial. Should it become necessary to go to trial in your case, we are aggressive advocates who will fight on your behalf.

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The fact is, some divorces are simple and some extremely complicated. Much of this has to do with whether there are children involved, whether you and your spouse own a business together or have substantial investments, if there are rental properties or other property involved, and other factors. Many couples amass a fortune over the years of their marriage, which can cause matters to become more complex when getting a divorce. Regardless of whether yours will be simple or complicated, it is vital to have a highly skilled Leesburg divorce attorney who will represent your best interests. Contact Adams & Luka today for a free consultation at 352-357-4084.