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Eustis, Florida Divorce Lawyer

Adams & Luka

Depending on the length of a marriage, whether children are involved, financial assets, property, and other factors, a divorce can impact your life not only in the present, but for years to come. As experienced, compassionate Eustis divorce attorneys, we understand how divorcing can impact your life in terms of your relationship with your children, finances, even your career. For some, the end of a marriage is devastating. Regardless of the circumstances, it is never easy to end a relationship that may have been part of your life for a few years, or many. At Adams & Luka, our top priority is making the process as amicable and smooth as possible, and making certain your concerns are heard and taken into consideration.

Caring, Practical Legal Support and Guidance in Divorce

There is no question that the weeks and months preceding a divorce can be an extremely emotional and stressful time. Many spouses are not familiar with Florida law, or those that concern divorce. Issues such as child custody or support, alimony, division of debts and assets, dividing of marital property, financial investments - who will get what, and how will it impact your life going forward? For parents, issues involving the children are often most important. It is vital to have a caring Eustis divorce lawyer who will provide you with the practical, realistic advice and counsel you need to get through the process with as little contention as possible. We work vigorously to help resolve legal issues and reach the results you desire, which often works to reduce much of the stress and anxiety that often arise when a married couple decides to divorce. Whether you are the spouse seeking a divorce, a spouse who is surprised to learn your husband/wife wants a divorce, or you both came to the decision that divorce was the best solution, we can help.

If you are a spouse who has not worked during the marriage or do not currently work, you may wonder how you will support yourself and possibly your children without the help of your soon-to-be ex. As a father, you may be curious regarding child visitation, financial support, and other issues. Perhaps you purchased a home and other property together during the course of your marriage. These are all tough issues, and while some couples can come to an amicable agreement over the issues, others cannot. Mediation often helps resolve the issues. We can help make the process less stressful by advising you regarding what you can or cannot expect in regards to all of the issues involved in obtaining a divorce.

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Some spouses can agree on all of the issues, which typically results in an uncontested divorce. In other cases, the parties involved cannot agree upon one or more issues (spousal support, asset/debt distribution, etc.) which results in a contested divorce. At Adams & Luka, we know that a divorce is never easy, and is stressful and life-changing for all involved. Whether through mediation or litigation, our focus is on reaching the outcome you desire, while reducing the negative impact on the family, particularly children, as much as possible. Contact us for free consultation today at 352-357-4084.